Rejuvenating Dentures

Why Rejuvenating Dentures?

While traditional dentures are a popular option for teeth replacement, Rejuvenating Dentures are the only dentures that offer you the level of comfort, customization and confidence that you can get with a dental restoration not just replacement. They are also the only type of denture that works to combat jaw bone degeneration, the cause of the aged or “sunken in” facial appearance that occurs when we lose our teeth. Traditional dentures are designed to rest on top of the gum tissue and do not provide direct stimulation to the jaw bone material thus do nothing to combat the effects of jawbone erosion, resulting in patients looking much older than they really are.

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Rejuvenating Dentures and our dentists employ principles of neuromuscular dentistry that utilizes a superior understanding of the interaction between muscles, bones, TMJ and teeth to create dental restorations that enhance the function and appearance. Because the fit of dentures depends partly on muscle action, achieving stable and relaxed muscles automatically results in a better fit and coincides with the position of maximum facial support. Dentures that fit this way restore a youthful facial proportion and appearance.

With the help of neuromuscular dentures, our patients sometimes look 10 years younger. Not only that, they found they could eat more of the foods they enjoy. The process of making neuromuscular dentures does take longer, and it is more expensive, but the functional, aesthetic, and comfort benefits mean that most patients consider them a good investment.

Neuromuscular Benefits

Traditional dentures do not provide direct stimulation to the alveolar bone and as a result don’t allow the jawbones (upper and lower) an opportunity to maintain their shape and function. Traditional dentures only serve to replace missing teeth where Rejuvenating Dentures replace teeth and stimulate the jawbone through neuromuscular function and support.

Over time, because of the deterioration of the jawbones that traditional dentures create, non-rejuvenating denture wearers experience dentures that become increasingly loose and create fit problems. The result is the need for multiple repairs or a full denture replacement.

Other Benefits

Rejuvenating Dentures offer a superior fit and the added benefit of optimum muscle relaxation and function.

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Rejuvenating Dentures Cost

Many patients often wonder “How much will Rejuvenating Dentures cost?”

Most patients are surprised to hear that a portion of Rejuvenating Dentures may be covered by dental insurance and are billed similar to the way traditional dentures are billed. Many insurance companies have maximums on how much they will provide so patients will have to be aware of these limitations. Before any commitment on your part is made we will determine how much your insurance will cover and how much your portion will be. Financing options are available.

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