Dentistry for Seniors & Retirees

The Challenges We Face as Boomers

When you hear “retirement,” what are the first five words that come to your mind? If they are “leisure,” “relaxation,” “comfort,” “golf” and “old age,” you’re thinking about yesterday’s retirement. This is the 21st century, when the new 60 looks like the old 40 and retiring means “growth,” “new opportunities,” “excitement,” “challenge,” and “self-discovery.” Sound Familiar? We know. Many of our patients have been with us for 20 years and are now retired or semi-retired. In fact when you are in our office you will see a few people 60+ working….we won’t tell you who but you will probably figure it out!
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We are now living longer and should expect to keep our smiles for a lifetime. Your lifetime commitment to eating a balanced diet and maintaining proper dental care influences the health and enjoyment of your later years. However, it’s never too late to improve your dental health, comfort and appearance.

Common Dental Issues Affecting Seniors

Dry Mouth: Many seniors experience a reduced flow of saliva. It is a little known fact that 400 of the 500 prescription drugs, commonly used by seniors, have dental side effects. The most common is the diminishing of the salivary flow rate. This can lead to decay in unusual locations in people who have been otherwise dentally healthy. This condition can lead to sore throats, a burning sensation, hoarseness, or difficulty swallowing. In addition, if you leave dry mouth unattended, it can damage your teeth, since saliva’s natural rinsing keeps bacteria washed away from teeth and gums.

Root Decay: Often, receding gum tissue, normal in aging, will result in the exposure of the tooth’s root    surface. Since this surface lacks the protective enamel layer, plaque and bacteria can easily accumulate on the root surface, leading to additional decay. This is often associated with acid indigestion and acid reflux (heartburn).

Darkened Teeth: Caused, to some extent, by changes in dentin — the bone-like tissue that underlies the tooth enamel — and by a lifetime of consuming stain-causing foods and beverages.

Gum Disease: Gum disease is a potentially serious condition that can affect people of all ages, but especially people over 40.

Missing Teeth: Missing teeth are a common issue affecting seniors. This condition leads to an inability to chew food completely, causing problems with digestion, proper maintenance of the airway, and facial muscle collapse.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Seniors

We get some of our greatest satisfaction from providing new smiles for people who can be described as “older” or “senior citizens” or folks experiencing “advanced maturity.”

Whatever the term, lots of people have taken good care of themselves and continue the active life styles that served them so well over the years. Yet many look in the mirror after their daily dental care and think, “I sure don’t look as good as I feel. I wish my teeth weren’t so dark and stained, chipped, short, and, well, shabby. I know they can be fixed but they work well and don’t hurt and I feel shy about discussing it and a little guilty about being vain and possibly investing in a cosmetic makeover at my age. Besides, what if it was done and I ended up with a mouth full of lily-white chicklets that don’t look natural and don’t represent who I am? What then?” What then, indeed.

If the paragraph above describes you in any way, and you’re ready to at least talk to someone knowledgeable about the options available, we are the perfect dentists for you. Along with unparalleled experience and exceptional skills, we get great joy from helping older people look as good as they feel. If what we’ve said interests you, call our office and arrange for a no-obligation consultation. It might come to nothing, but you will learn a great deal and have a much better sense of what “cosmetic dentistry for seniors” really means and whether it’s a path you want to take.

Why Us?

We have extensive experience working with seniors. We understand your needs and are able to do everything that 21st century dentistry offers. Plus, we love to do this!

Denture Wearers…we offer same day repairs and relines. Call for details.


Most of our senior patients do not have regular dental insurance. In fact, according to the latest CDC report only 2% of Americans over 65 have dental insurance. Thus our seniors usually take advantage of our “Smile Assurance Plan” and receive the treatment they desire at incredible savings. Our staff understands that a lot of you are on ‘fixed income’ and we will always find a way to fit into your budget all necessary treatment you need.

If you don’t drive, call us and our driver will bring you to your appointment and drive you home after at no charge.

Special offer for people over the age of 60: Call us today and receive an additional 5% off our “Smile Assurance” reduced prices!

A Few Comments from Our Boomers

A few years ago I retired and moved to Sacramento from New York to be closer to my brother & sister. I own a home in the Pocket area and one day my 9 year old partial broke. I heard about CHD’s one day service on repairs. I had little hope that anyone to fix this denture. Somehow their lab tech was able to fix my partial. I was more than impressed and decided to have my remaining 7 teeth cleaned. I took advantage of their Smile Assurance Plan and during the exam found out that I had a severe bacteria problem that could compromise my remaining teeth. Their treatment for this condition made sense from not only a health standpoint but also economically. If I would lose these teeth I would have to pay for extractions and have full dentures made, which I didn’t want to have. Here I am eight months later and my mouth and teeth are in the best shape they have been in years. Also I feel much better. Great practice, fantastic customer service and the pricing is right on.
Ed Kantor
I am in my early 60’s and still work. Unfortunately I do not have dental insurance. I broke a side upper tooth and needed to do something. I heard about No Hassle Dentistry on the radio and went in for an exam. They presented me with a few options (implant or a bridge). My money is tight and with the location of the broken tooth a bridge made the most sense. Irena set me up on a payment plan and the bridge is perfect. These guys are great!
Lisa Mendoza

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